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How to use your Lensball Australia

Posted on January 07 2020


Crystal photography balls, or ‘LensBalls’ have been getting more and more popular recently, and seeing as we sell so many we decided it was only right to create a guide for all the people interested in the LensBall Australia photography.
Now onto our recommendation for the best way to maximise your LensBall purchase the simplest out of your Lens Ball:


1. Get Low
The thing we like most about these LensBalls are that they permit you to capture a totally different sort of photo than you'll get with just your smartphone or camera. There are several advantages to LensBall photography such as: It allows you to create completely unique content.

The classic lens ball photos are those where you'll see the ball focused with the background blurred out. the simplest ones of those include a stimulating landscape or event, which you'll see through the ball itself.

One thing you will realise quickly for the smartphone or camera is to be behind the LensBall, and preferably slightly lower down than the ball. If the smartphone or camera is above the lens ball, the image that you capture inside the ball is going to be mainly of the ground and not the landscape that you want.

Our advice is, be creative with where you place your lens ball. If possible, attempt to use a LensBall stand which will elevate the position of the lens ball, in order to easily get your camera behind it.



2. Focus on the Ball

Sometimes it can be difficult to get the LensBall focused , especially if you're using Auto mode on your smartphone or camera. If you're comfortable using manual focus then we would definitely recommend having a play with that.

In terms of lenses/modes on your smartphone or camera, you’re ideally want to use a Macro mode or lens. this will make it easier to get closer to the ball and remain focused .That said, if you don't have a Macro option you' can still get excellent photos with a fisheye lens, or standard lens model.


3. Keep the Camera Still
The clearer the image inside the LensBall, the higher quality your photo will end up provided you keep the camera still, you won’t have any motion blur in your image and thus you've got a far better chance of keeping the LensBall image clear and focused.

LensBall photography can be often unorthodox sometimes as you have to bend over your camera down low or try to balance your LensBall on some odd angles. If  possible, use a tripod/ LensBall stand to stabilise your camera.

4. Get Trippy
One of the benefits of employing a LensBall is that it gives you the chance to create unique, sometimes trippy results. cash in of sunshine displays and weird surroundings. Zoom right into your LensBall and capture something fascinating. you'll even take a video through a lens ball to actually get people guessing what’s going on!


5. handling the upside-down image
When you take a photograph with a LensBall, the image inside the ball is going to be flipped thanks to refraction. Now, I personally don’t mind this because it can make the photo even more interesting, but i buy that sometimes, you’ll want the image within the LensBall to be the right way around .


To achieve this you've got a couple of options:

Blur the hell out of the background. Ideally blur the background to extent that you simply can’t make it out. Then just rotate the whole image 180 degrees, or maybe take it together with your camera upside down!
Use Photoshop or another software, grab the image inside and rotate it 180 degrees.
Take advantage of reflections. If you're taking the photo of reflection, it'll flip the image again.


We’ve really enjoyed using the lens ball recently, and it's given us some unique content for our Instagram page. The thing we like most about them is that they permit you to create content  that otherwise you'll struggle. for instance , the primary place that we took our lens ball to was a beach on a chilly , dull and gray day. Normally we’d have come faraway from the beach with no content thereon day, but because we had the lens ball we were ready to capture spectacular images. (Lensball Australia)

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