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Top 5 Smartphone Camera Accessories Australia (2018)

One of the biggest factors when considering your next smartphone purchase has become the camera or number of cameras. In 2018 there are more photos being taken then any time in history. The unfortunate part of this the quality of the images is at an all time low, with the continued decline of the DSLR camera, due in part to size, weight, cost, complexity.

This represents the conundrum how do we maximise the convenience of the Smartphone and bring the quality up to DSLR standards?

The answer the burgeoning new category of Smartphone Camera Accessories, our aim in this blog post is to share the top 5 models available.


The quality of photos you will be able to produce with these smartphone camera accessories will blow you away, whether you are looking to get creative with food photography, nature, landscapes, selfies, video content creation or family portraits we have you covered.


Our product sourcing team has compiled a list of smartphone camera accessories that will help you eek out the best possible images out of your mobile camera. 

Lets start with the top 5 smartphone camera accessories australia available.


(1) Apexel 5-1 clip-on lens kit
Apexel 5 in1 Smart Lens Kit

The 5 in 1 lens kit from Apexel is easy to install and operate, you can also purchase it in 7 -1 & 10-1 in models.
It will improve the picture quality of any smartphone you attach the lens too. 

It's compatible with the majority of smartphones, & has a high optical quality which results in excellent image quality. The Apexel lens kit has a very light structure and is a great extension for mobile photography, and social media enthusiasts. The design, affordable price and compact size make the Apexel 5-1 lens kit a must have for the savvy traveler. Learn More Apexel 5-1 clip-on lens kit


(2) Huawei Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod Remote Control
Huawei Honor selfie Stick
Building on the photography theme, our next entrant is the Huawei bluetooth selfie stick, It has the 2-in-1 benefits of a selfie stick and a tripod and hence, it's great for live video and selfies. 
The Huawei selfie stick features Bluetooth technology and is equipped with a remote to enable you catch the perfect selfie from any angle and distance.

It can be bundled with Apexel 5 in 1 lens kit to take your smartphone photos to the next dimension. Learn More Huawei Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod Remote Control


(3) Mini Led Studio Photo Box Australia

Mini Led Studio Photo Box Australia

This lightbox is like a pro photographer’s studio in miniature. It eliminates distractions and pulls in the focus factor to deliver truly professional looking photos. Extra bright light beams in from an LED strip concealed up top, lending clarity and quality to every image. White or black background? You choose! Your lightbox is perfect for social media, ideal for ecommerce and retail, and great for taking selfies of your favorite valuables. Whatever your needs, whatever your focus, your Instant Home Photo Studio will boost your possibilities, transform your creative output, and make all your photos stylish, captivating — and pro.

Available in 2 sizes.

Medium ( 23 x 23 x 24cm / 9" x 9" x 9.4") 

Extra Large ( 40 x 40 x 40cm / 15.7" x 15.7" x 15.7 ") 

Learn More Mini Led Studio Photo Box Australia



(4) Zhiyun-Tech Smooth Q 3-Axis Gimbal for Mobile

Zhiyun-Tech Smooth Q 3-Axis Gimbal for Mobile

Do you want to shoot video on your smartphone without the wobbly chopping video, Gimbals or stabilizers are some of the most popular smartphone camera accessories, and for good reason. A 3-axis gimbal is used to hold a camera in place and thus helps in image stabilization during active shoots. With this in mind, how does a 3-axis gimbal work? 

The term gimbal is used to define an adjustable camera built to keep a device level, stabilized or free from vibrating. A 3-axis gimbal makes use of brush-less motors to adjust the camera position, which are both powerful and durable. 3-axis describes the different motions the camera can be stabilized, that is, left and right, up and down, and front and back; otherwise referred to as tilt, pan and roll.

The Zhiyun-Tech Smooth Q is our favourite pick of the bunch, for its quality reliability, and bargain price. Also worth considering is the DJI osmo series.

Learn More  Zhiyun-Tech Smooth Q 3-Axis Gimbal for Mobile


(5) APEXEL Selfie LED Fill-in Flashlight

APEXEL Selfie LED Fill-in Flashlight

The final item on our list goes to the mini portable LED flash with built-in 9 LED lights, this device will work on pretty much any smartphone and instantly improve your low light photography in stills and video. It provides supplemental or side lighting for creative photography and videography. Compatible with a large array of devices, such as smart phones, tablets, computers, etc. Adjustable Brightness Provides 3 brightness levels to meet different shooting needs. Use the adjustable dimmer switch to change up the brightness and quality of your photos and videos - Multi-function It also can be used as a simple flashlight or a small emergency lamp - Easy to Use no need to install any App's. Just clip to the devices, then turn on the switch.

Learn More APEXEL Selfie LED Fill-in Flashlight



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