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Action Cameras

Buy and learn about Sports & Action Cameras from top brands like GoPro, Xiaomi, Elephone. Visit us for unbelievable prices, and great selection from Full HD to 4K models. 

The introduction of the GoPro in the market brought the revolution in professional photography, making action and sports camera incredibly popular. Whether you are an adventure sport enthusiast looking to immortalize every moment during high speed jumping, diving, skiing experience, or looking forward to produce documentary-style motion videos, the action camera is the most precious possession.

GoPro has been dominating the market for over a decade, now due to its popularity among professionals, availability of compatible accessories and above all its quality. However, before buying, it is worth looking at some other brands (though less popular compared to GoPro) featuring wonderful technical specifications at affordable prices.


Factors to Consider When Buying Your Action or Sports Camera


Those who are novice to the concept of motion video and photography should consider the following aspects seriously while choosing their action camera.


Cost of the Camera: Your budget determines the actual range while looking for the action cameras. Ideally, it can be hard to find a GoPro under $200. Even a basic model like Hero Session is priced at $200. While preparing a budget, you must also consider a checklist of supportive accessories and their prices.


Supportive Accessories: Though the manufacturers provide some basic gears such as waterproof housing with the camera, it is always necessary to purchase the most compatible high quality accessories that fit your camera best. Some basic requirements include mounts, tripods, filters, extended life batteries etc.



Camera Specifications and Features: At the end of the day, the image quality whether still or video is the main thing that matters. Decide what quality picture resolution or video shooting do you intend to achieve. Consider choosing a model with a highest quality image sensor and video processor in your price range.

When considering 4k resolution check the frame rate as 4K is useless at 15 frames per second, you should be looking for 30 frames per second for usable performance. 



Weather Resistance Protection: Your action camera is exposed to moisture and fluctuating temperatures often. Your camera should have a waterproof housing or water resistant protection support to ensure greater durability.



Camera Shape, Dimension and Weight: The action camera is mostly mounted on the photographer’s body during high-speed mobility. Choose a camera with extremely compact design (preferably box shaped) and lightweight model for convenient mounting.



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