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Baseus Big Ears Car Mount Wireless Charger

Baseus Big Ears Car Mount Wireless Charger



l  Wireless Fast Charging up to 10W

The wireless charger is working when the blue light is on. It is also a Car Mount Holder, with this item you can charge your phone while navigating. Suitable for mobile phones with wireless charging function or built-in wireless charging ring.

l  Support QC 2.0 / 3.0

Input: DC 4.9V - 5.25V / 1.5A - 1.8A (normal charging); 9V / 1.67A (fast charging) by using QC 2.0 / 3.0 fast charger.

Compatible with QC-enabled and Qi-enabled mobile phones.

Please note: the product supports 5V/2A fast charge, so your phone needs to support at least 1.5A.

l  Two options for installation:

- Clamp and Paste

Equipped with a high elastic silicone clamp which can be firmly inserted into the air outlet.

It also can be pasted – the cap is with powerful glue, can be pasted on a smooth surface, such as dashboard, table etc.

l  360 Degree Rotation

Universal rotated ball, multiple angle adjustments to satisfy navigation sight.

l  Safe and Firm

Built-in 8 pieces of powerful magnets, can draw your phone tightly while driving, even when encountering sudden braking on speed bumps and driving on bumped roads.

l  3mm Phone Case Friendly: safe charging sensing distance allows you to charge your phone with case that thinner than 3mm.

l  Constant magnetic field, it does not affect the phone signal.

l  Aluminum Alloy + Silicone Body

Made of high-quality aluminum alloy and soft silicone materials, it’s oxidation-resistant and corrosion-resistant, durable to use.

l  Small and Portable

Tiny size and one-hand design, simplified operation.

Product Parameters

l  Charging interface: Micro USB

l  Fixed position: air outlet/ dashboard/ smooth surface. (please note: certain types of air outlets are not suitable for this item, please make sure to check our listing description pictures for detailed reference)

l  Suitable for mobile phones from 4.0-inch to 6.5-inch, with wireless charging function or built-in wireless charging ring.

Important Notes:

l  Make sure not to use metal-plated mobile phone or put things made of metal like keys on the wireless charger when it’s in the process of wireless charging.

l  Make sure the phone receiver coil and the magnet iron are in the correct position (the leather magnet iron plate needs to be centered on the mobile phone), otherwise it might cause abnormal heating or intermittent charging. (Auxiliary cards of three different sizes (4.7-inch, 5.5-inch and 5.8-inch) for helping locating the magnet leather iron are included in the package)

l  As this item is 3mm-phone-case friendly, please make sure your phone case is thinner than 3mm if your phone is with a phone case.

l  Make sure your phone supports 1.5A charging at least to enable the maximum effect of fast charging.

l  The leather magnet iron plate needs to be pasted on the back of your mobile phone or phone case to enable wireless charging.


For iPhone:

iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus

For Samsung:

Galaxy S9, S9 plus, S8, S8 plus, S7, S7 Edge, Note 8, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge plus, Note 5.

And other mobile phones which has wireless charging function – please contact us and we can check.

Please note: for mobile phones that does not support wireless charging, such as iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 7 Plus, they cannot use this wireless charger directly, you need to purchase an additional receiver to make them compatible with this wireless charger. (please message us for more information)



Brief instruction for installation:

  • Clean the phone mounting area with wet tissue.
  • Use the auxiliary card to aim the centered location and paste the leather magnet iron plate on it.
  • Tap and hold it firmly to make the magnet iron is correctly and firmly pasted on your phone.
  • Clamp or paste the wireless charger on the location you want it to be.
  • Connect the micro cable (included in the package) with the wireless charger and the car charger (also included in the package). Then connect the car charger to power source.
  • Complete all the steps above, then start using the item by simply putting the phone onto the wireless charger.


Product package content:

  • Baseus Big Ears Wireless Charger X 1
  • Car Charger X 1
  • Micro Cable X 1
  • Leather Magnet Icon Plate X 1
  • User manual X 1
  • Baseus Warranty Card X 1
  • Auxiliary Cards X 3
  • Replacement sticker X 1

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