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Best Beard Cape Australia (Bonus Beard Shape/Comb)

Best Beard Cape Australia

  • THE ULTIMATE BEARD GROOMING KIT – If your relationship with your beard is a little tangled you probably haven’t tried the beard trimmer bib. Save yourself going insane trying to clean up all those little hairs after your shave! Plus, our beard apron kit comes with a beard shaper, storage pouch, and a Grooming E-Book for men!
  • STRONGER THAN EVER SUCTION CUPS – Many males have tried to use a beard catcher for shaving only to find that the suction cups don’t stay in place, scattering a shower of hair all over the bathroom. This shaving bib comes with pressurized suction cups that are stronger than ever. Super satisfying to tip all those shavings into the trash when you’re done!
  • EASY ON EASY OFF – A shaving bib? You’re probably a little skeptical. We assure you that our beard trimmer catcher will not affect your masculinity in anyway. Mobi Lock Beauty beard grooming apron 122x81cm comes with 2 straps and 4 rings. In case you need to stop shaving midway, the 4 rings allow you to hang up your beard apron cape onto the mirror.


Mens Grooming without the Mess

If your mum, wife or girlfriend gets a little crazy every time she finds hair in the bathroom, you are not alone.

Many men have taken to shaving in the yard to save themselves the bother of cleaning up all those little hairs. Instead, take a shave in this sexy beard apron to catch the tumble of unwanted facial hair that would usually fall in the sink or on the floor.

The beard apron can then be shaken directly into the trash leaving you with ZERO mess to clean up.

Here’s to making your mom, girlfriend or wife happier than ever!

Whats in the Box?

1 x Beard Cape
1 x Multi-function Beard Shaper/Com

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