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Best Beard Grooming Kit Australia
Best Beard Grooming Kit AustraliaBest Beard Grooming Kit AustraliaBest Beard Grooming Kit AustraliaBest Beard Grooming Kit AustraliaBest Beard Grooming Kit AustraliaBest Beard Grooming Kit AustraliaBest Beard Grooming Kit AustraliaBest Beard Grooming Kit AustraliaBest Beard Grooming Kit AustraliaBest Beard Grooming Kit Australia


Best Beard Grooming Kit Australia

Best Beard Grooming Kit Australia

The Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit 
Apu's World has combined all the tools and products a man needs to begin his beard journey.
The kit includes:
🪒100% Natural Cleanse and Refresh Beard oil
🪒100% Natural Beard Balm
🪒Anti-snag wooden comb
🪒100% Boar Bristle brush
🪒Stainless steel barber's scissors
🪒Eco-friendly hessian travel bag
🪒You need Best Beard Grooming Kit Australia to kickoff your manly mane story. There's a free travel bag so keep your mane tame for     when you're on the go.
100% Natural Cleanse and Refresh Beard oil
Benefits of beard oil  
- cleanses and exfoliates skin preventing beard ruff
- moisturizes skin promotes hair growth
- as beards grow the sebum production is not enough, oils keeps hair hydrated
- regular use prevent split ends
- Big Beards Beard oil is 100% natural with tea tree oil, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil and argan oil as the key ingredients.
Tea tree oil is a natural anti-bacterial to maintain beard hygiene. Sweet almond oil is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals and therefore is nourishing and revitalizing for your beard and skin. Grape seed oil is a good source for vitamin E and works as antioxidant.
The formulation is lightweight, non greasy and fast absorbing for a beard oil that is hydrating, anti-bacterial and all natural. Smooths coarse hair and calms dry itchy skin.
100% Natural Beard Balm  
Benefits of beard balm
- nourishes hair and provides hold
- prevents beard dandruff aka "beardruff"
- helps seal in beard oil to provide additional layer or hydration
- soothes dry skin
Big Beards Beard balm is 100% natural with beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, jajoba oil, sweet orange oil, cedarwood oil and rosemary oil as the main ingredients.
Coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties to maintain beard hygiene. Sweet orange oil has anti aging properties for your skin and hydrating for your hair. Both Cedarwood and Rosemary oil stimulates hair follicles and increases circulation which supports hair growth. Jajoba has cleaning properties which reduces skin irritations and itching.
This amazing balm helps to tame your beard reducing those pesky flyaway and unruly hair, while deeply conditioning and protecting your mane.
Anti-snag wooden comb 
The benefits of wooden beard combs  
- anti-snag
- prevents static build up which can cause hair breakages
- product distribution
- untangles
- anti-snag
Big Beards wooden beard brush features anti-snag teeth to brush any length or thickness. The teeth are narrow and long to effectively groom and shape your beard.
100% Boar Bristle brush
The benefits of boar bristle brushes
- detangles
- picks up oils to help distribute it along the hair
- exfoliates and and stimulates skin increasing the blood flow
- encourages hair growth and creates thicker, longer hair as well
Big Beard Boar Brush is dense with firm bristles and wooden handle with indents for good grip. It's the perfect brush to make your beard look healthy and conditioned. 


Whats in the Box?

1 x Beard Oil
1 x Beard Balm
1 x Beard Anti-snag wooden comb
1 x Boar Bristle brush
1 x Stainless steel barber's scissors
1 x Hessian travel bag

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