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Best Galaxy Projector Australia


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Best Galaxy Projector Australia - You can change the night light into a projector by removing the lampshade and replace it with a rotatable optional movie - with 6 optional pattern films, and six different lighting atmospheres on the wall or ceiling. These patterned films include beautiful ocean, happy birthday, childlike Trojan, a deer good luck, cosmic starry sky, and rose garden. You can watch the stars in the day and night, and you can easily enjoy the children's love.


The Galaxy Projector Australia - It is ideal for use in the bedroom, it projects light onto walls and ceilings, creating a relaxed atmosphere, a great night light for children who are afraid of darkness, especially before going to bed. There are three colors when you use it as night light: yellow blue and white. It relaxes your child's imagination by making them feel relaxed. White light mode night illumination, accompanying you to read for a short time.


Easy to operate - Three button-type operation functions, which are rotary switch, light switch, and switch control, are easy to understand, and the child can also operate quickly; the product material is environmentally friendly ABS+PC, safe and guaranteed, very suitable for infants or children. Use in the bedroom.


Listen to songs (Music Version Only) and decompression - Comfortable and non-glare soft lighting with 360? rotating sleep music, let your tiredness of working hard for a whole day, easily go to sleep, and meet life with a fuller spirit the next day.


Best Gift -  This night light is the perfect gift for your child's bedroom. It is also ideal for decorating rooms with projection lighting, perfect for a romantic and inviting atmosphere.


🪐 The Best Galaxy Projector Australia comes with 6 different lighting effects

🪐 You can set up the desired color mode and lighting effect by pressing the button. Ideal for decorating a wedding, birthday, parties.

🪐Music box is included in this premium version only.

🪐Rechargeable Battery.

🪐Can be used as a night light or a projection lamp.   

🪐 It can be used as a night light with warm or soft light.

🪐 It works by sparking your kids into imagination, thereby making them feel relaxed. It's the most worthwhile gift for children.

🪐 The package includes 1 light projector, 1 USB cable, and 6 projection film.

🪐6 different lighting effects.  

🪐2020 upgraded version




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