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Best Heng Balance Lamp Australia


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Looking for the ultimate lamp for your bedroom or office? 
Introducing the Red Dot award winner, the Best Heng Balance Lamp Australia, offering innovation style and substance.
The switch is controlled by two wooden balls. When you lift the lower one, it hovers mid-air, just like it’s levitating. How? Simple. The balls are magnetised. When they’re close to each other and the balance is just right, the lamp lights up.


You can choose between 4 colours. The options are  wood or black, white, red colored frame. 


  • Simply connect the lamp to any USB adapter.
  • The two magnetic balls are the switches of the lamp.
  • Lift the lower magnet to the top magnet to turn on.
  • Separate the magnets to turn off.
  • REDDOT AWARD-WINNING DESIGN: This clever balance lamp is a fun, interactive way to brighten a room. To illuminate the lamp, simply balance the 2 dangling spheres by attaching them together using the embedded magnets. The mid-century modern wood look adds a touch of zen wherever you need some gentle lighting.
  • WARM LED GLOW: This light emits a soft, gentle glow bright enough to be used as a book-reading light by the bed but dim enough to make an effective nightlight. The USB power cord plugs into a wide variety of outlets and adapters. If you want to add some ambient lighting to your room, this lamp is a must.
  • SOPHISTICATED MINIMALIST LIGHTING: Whether you place this lamp in your home or on your work desk, this light adds a sophisticated and polished look to any space. Keep it in your study, on the nightstand, or on top of your dresser to display a beautiful yet functional light source. It matches well with any style of decor.
  • FUN GIFT FOR MEN & WOMEN: If you’re looking for a unique gift for your loved one, the Heng Balance Lamp is the perfect option. If your girlfriend is an art lover or if your dad hopes for a classy Father’s Day gift for the office, this lamp is sure to brighten anyone’s day. It’s also a great way to tie together small spaces like dorms or studio apartments.
  • Modern concise design, this lamps design  stands out from the rest lamps currently available.
  • There is no traditional switch, on and off is controlled by the electromagnetic bead floating in the air.
  • LED Bulbs are invisible, which make this item an artwork more than a Lighting instrument.
  • Color temperature options, Touch adjustment, choose two color temperatures of 3000K and 6000K【dimming】 Adjust brightness by touch, 6 kinds of brightness controllable choice
  • Rechargeable Built-in 1500 mAh lithium battery, type-c interface.



Living room


Zanwen Li


"Most of lights turn on in two ways: flip a switch or turn a knob. I designed Heng Balance Lamp with an elegant simplicity, and more importantly an interactive way to turn it on. When the two magnetic balls attached in the mid-air, it lights up. It is more enchanting and fun. 

Tech specs

  • Power input: 1A 5V
  • Energy efficiency: 50lm/W
  • Lifetime: 20,000h
  • Illumination angle: 120°
  • Light color: warm
  • USB powered
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