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Best Himalayan Salt Globe (USB Version)


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Looking for a calming soothing healthy night light. Apu's World has you covered from Moon to Galaxy Lamps and everything in between. 

We are delighted to announce the release of our Best Himalayan Salt Globe, this unique model is powered via USB and features 7 different colour settings to create the perfect ambiance for each environment.

This natural work of art not only looks stunning but they are also known for there enormous benefits to our well-being and health. Our Himalayan Salt Globe has countless benefits, such as purifying the air with health-promoting ions, raise the energy level and enhance mood, etc. It has 7 LED colour cycles randomly to match your mood. Excellent quality with USB plug, SAA approved for reliable use at anywhere you want to restore or preserve the natural air quality or even a private meditative space.

Key features

  • 7-colour LED light
  • Sphere shape
  • Natural salt crystals
  • Therapeutic glow
  • Delicate handcrafted
  • Purify and deodorize the air
  • USB plug SAA approved


Material: Natural salt crystals

Base: Wood

Weight: 0.5kg

Wattage: 0.5w

Voltage: 3-5v

Cable length: 1.5m

Dimension: 7cm x 10cm (Dia. x H)

Colour: Orange


What's in The Box
  • 1x Salt Lamp
  • 1x Cable
  • Returns

  • Delivery

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