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Boxing Reflex Ball Speed Punching Training kit


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Boxing Reflex Ball Speed Punching Training Kit (2020 Model with 2 x Balls)

Boxing Reflex Ball Speed Punching Training kit


Looking for fun way to exercise while stuck at home. Your prayers have been answered the Boxing Reflex Ball is the easier way to improve your hand speed, focus, and reaction time?

In the ring, a lot can happen in a second. That's why hand speed, concentration, and reflex time are key assets for boxers and combat sports fighters. These factors spell the difference between victory and defeat.

Going to the gym every day to train and spar can be costly and time consuming. If you want to boost your boxing skills and improve your endurance wherever you are, using a reflex ball is the perfect solution.

Harness lightning-fast hand speed and killer concentration with Apu's World Boxing's Training Reflex Ball.

Ordinary reflex balls use heavy rubber or tennis balls that can hurt your hands or face. After hundreds of rounds of testing, we've come up with the perfect alternative: a 25g high density foam ball, which is safer and more comfortable for boxers at any level, while still having the rebound of heavier balls.

Our training reflex ball features two different balls and elastic cords to cater to your skill level. For kids and newbies, the Primary reflex ball is recommended as it is attached to a cord that provides a low bouncing speed. The Advanced reflex ball is more suitable for pros and advanced boxers, as its specialised elastic cord allows the ball to bounce just like a regular, heavy reflex ball.

Our reflex balls are not attached to a D-ring, so you can freely adjust difficulty by cord length.

Need more time to make up your mind? Check out more features of our training reflex balls right here:

Easy to adjust, just rotate the headband as many times as you need
Does not require a training partner
Supports weight loss and calorie burning
Use anytime, anywhere

Sharpen your boxing skills wherever you are. Add the Apu's World Boxing Training Reflex Ball to your basket TODAY!

Unique Product Features:

  • FOR NEWBIES & PROS - Our reflex balls allow anyone to train, including kids and the elderly! The Primary reflex ball has a lower bounce speed, while the Advanced training ball bounces like a regular reflex ball.
  • IMPROVE REACTION TIME - This boxing reflex ball boosts your reaction speed, timing, and punching accuracy, making it an excellent training tool for boxers and MMA, muay thai, and kickboxing fighters.
  • SNUG FIT - Our reflex ball features a fully adjustable elastic headband, providing a comfortable fit for kids and adults. Train without worrying about the headband falling or slipping off.
  • BURN MORE CALORIES - Just using our reflex training ball for 15 minutes per day can burn off more than 200 calories, allowing you to hit your fitness and weight loss targets in less time.
  • TRAVEL-FRIENDLY SIZE - Our reflex ball fits easily in your gym bag, backpack, or pocket, allowing you to train anytime, anywhere. It is also made of durable materials that will endure daily use.

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Full Specifications:

Head band X 1
Ball X 2 
Imported elastic string X 1  
Materials: PUF 

Colour: Black/Grey/Red

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