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Camera Belt Clip Australia

Camera Belt Clip Australia



This Belt Holster system allows for carrying your camera on your hip. It provides a durable, secure carrying system for your DSLR and lens. With a load capacity up to 5kg, it can comfortably handle heavy DSLR and lens combinations, making it ideal for street photographers, travellers, and nature photographers. Without any straps, you have fast access to your camera, while having more freedom of movement than using a strap system. Another benefit of the c-grip holster mount is that there is no flip-flop like other belt cip systems, and the camera does not swing like they do on neck straps or BlackRapid straps. The load spreading base disperses the weight of the DSLR and lens, making it easier to carry all day.

It is also ideal for use with smaller interchangeable lens cameras such as the Sony A7, the Fuji X Pro1, the Olympus OMD, and the Panasonic GH4.


Locking ring material: Metal, Hard Plastic.
Compatibility:All DSLRs cameras.
Weight Capacity: 15kg.
Size: 85 x 95 x 45 mm (L x W x H)
Maximum belt width: 4.7cm.

Package includes:
Camera Waist Belt Buckle x 1
Pin x 1
Allen Wrench x 1
Packing box x 1
(Note: The Camera is not included)

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