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Dragon Wing Fidget Spinner - Australia


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Looking for a truly unique Fidget Spinner?
Check out the one of a kind - Dragon Wing Fidget Spinner Australia 
  • PORTABLE FOR ANYWHERE - These are must-have fun anti-stress spinning top with a compact, heavy-duty, premium design that will hit everybody, making it ideal for both kids and adults! At the office, classroom, long travel, studying, in a meeting or watching TV. Making every moment more fun! It will bring you endless fun and let the anxiety go away.
  • EASY FUN SPINNING- To spin the spinner simply hold with one hand or spinning it on the desk. With practice, the metal fidget toy can be used with one finger only. To use the spinner toys on a desk simply, the fidget toys will continue spinning when you keep supply power with hands, endless entertainment. Try it now!
  • HIGH-SPEED SPIN 3MIN+ - The metal fidget spinner has a high-speed R188 alloy bearing in the center to ensure the smoothest rotation and consistency as well as to increase centripetal force and spin time. So These metal ADHD anxiety toys can spin at least 5 min and with a really hard spin even longer.
  • STRESS REDUCER TOYS - Heavy-duty metal spinners, it can help to stop unwanted habits such as unfocus or smoking. Instead of anxiety you can simply spin the fidget spinner and play with it. What's more, It can also help with EDC, ADHD, autism, and Focus problems.
  • Awesome GIFT -Be a Great Birthday or Festival Gift for Your Kids and any unique day Gift! The special design and the spinning ways of playing the spinner make it more interesting and fantastic.


■    Brand new
■    Material: Brass& Alloy
■    Colour: Gold
■    Weight: 100g (approx.)
■    Unique and creative design style
■    The more you spin the toy, the longer it will last
■    A good choice for killing time, helping relieve stress
■    Compact and lightweight, easy to carry, small, simple and fun
■    Product size perfect size suitable for adults and kids
■    Portable and fun, great for focus and deep thought
■    High performance bearing for extremely fast and long spin times
■    Very suitable for the work, study, home leisure time to relax, relieve stress


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1x Fidget spinner

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