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Product Details

 Jellyfish Lava Lamp Australia offers a completely different take on bedside lamp that perfectly suits any home.

Realistic Simulation 
The jellyfish are ultra real-looking and are made of strong silicone material, they like look like fish but you don't have to feed them or maintain a tank.

USB interface power supply
Plug and play, just only need to connect the jellyfish lamp through the USB interface.

Turn on/off button
You can either have them blend softly from one color to the next or stop on your favorite color by press the key " Select" without worry about losing the remote

Silent motor
Built with industrial-grade dampeners to ensure our jellyfish lamp is quiet, offers a serene peaceful experience even at night.

Light Show
Remove the Lid to project a "Light Show" to the Ceiling, Perfect for your child or babies' bedroom, For security, it will automatically shut down after 4 hours, but you can open it again.

Release Stress and Relax
Uplift your mood with the calming and soothing influence of Jellyfish so realistic that you won't believe your eyes.


7 Lighting Colours to choose from

Our jellyfish lamp offers 7 fascinating colour light changing effects.

Product Demo:



What's in The Box?

1*Jellyfish lamp,

1*USB cable,

3*small jellyfish,

2*big jellyfish,

1*user manual.

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