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   Magnetic Phone Holder  This product is designed to provide you with a safer and more comfortable way of viewing your phone when driving. The ...

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Magnetic Steelie Mount = STRONG

I haven't written a review in such a long time, but I had to share my experience. I've had the Magnetic Steelie mounted on my dash for a several months now. I had to order another magnet because my cell phone case with the first magnet fell apart. The Steelie magnet is very strong! I know this because it literally saved my phone! I love you, Steelie. Here's what happened.

Yesterday, I was walking to my car after work. I was carrying two large tote bags, my big Yeti cup, and my phone. Well, my battery in my key fob had died long ago so I've been having to unlock my car door manually. Yes, yes, I know. Why not replace the battery? I will! I will! Any who, when I finally made it to my car I put my cup and phone on the roof of my car and my bags on the ground so I could unlock my car door. After unlocking my car door I out all my belongings in my car and took off. It wasn't until I was getting on the interstate did I question the whereabouts of my phone. Thirty km later, I arrive at home and get out of my car. What do I see stuck to the roof of my car? Yep! My phone. It made it all that way! Yes, the Steelie held my phone securely through several abrupt stops, sharp turns, bumpy roads, going 110-120 kph most of the way. Thank you, Apu's World! You are legends.

The best mounting solution I've ever come across

I recently bought a piece of equipment that had a digital control head that I wanted to mount on my dash. The control head was a bit heavier than any smartphone I've seen. I didn't want to screw it in and there wasn't a good space that fit the mount in any case. I found the Steelie and it turned out to work extremely well. Even better, it looks very good on the dash by itself when I don't mount the control head on it.

Unfortunately, about a week after I mounted it, the car was totaled in an accident. I removed the mount with some dental floss, which is in the directions and works quite well. I ordered the remount kit from the manufacturer and found it contained 2 replacement mounts, not just one. I remounted in the new car easily.

The strength of the mount is easily sufficient to hold smartphones and control heads and there is very little movement as I drive. One tip - the magnet mounted on the phone should be mounted in the center of mass, especially from side to side. If it's off-center the phone will lean and turn to the side with more weight. Another tip - put the magnet on the phone first, then put it on the ball mount - don't mount the ball mount! With the phone attached, hold the mount onto the dash where you are thinking of mounting it with all cords attached. I found that the initial place I was thinking of mounting did not work because of the way the cords would fit and reach. Try it in a few different places before you actually do the mounting.

Love It

I never post reviews, but I am very happy with this product! I bought 2 of these to mount my iPad mini in the car. I opted to go this route because I really like having navigation, prefer to listen to mp3 via bluetooth in my car (as opposed to radio), and the quoted price for navigation installed aftermarket was $1600! I already had an iPad and thought the navigation was pretty solid, so I decided to pursue a mount that was clean, and didn't overwhelm my dashboard. I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews. I also bought an iOttie (which I thought held my iPad pretty well, but because of the way my dash is set up, blocked a lot of my controls, so I returned it). The Steelies magnetic mount are PERFECT! They were super easy to install, my iPad is stuck to those like superglue, and when I am not using it, the Steelie mounts aren't that noticeable. I was really nervous about my iPad falling off with every bump I hit, but that is not the case. The reason I bought 2 mounts was because I didn't want my iPad to block the heat vents and the way my dash is configured, 2 mounts made the most sense. I believe one mount would be sufficient for the mini iPad, but would go for 2 mounts if you intend to mount a regular iPad on your dash. I have to admit, I wasn't thrilled with sticking stuff to the mini or the car dash, but after the initial shock of having to do that, it doesn't matter to me. I usually keep my iPad in a case when not mounted and the "magnets" are covered by the case. The best parts? Siri is voice activated and can talk all my commands without me taking my hands off the wheel, and I since I live in the ghetto, I don't worry about my fancy nav system getting stolen! I just grab and go!

Great Mount For Nav..

I was looking for a mount I could leave in my car, that was small and convenient. This little unit works really well, holds the phone super tight, rotates and is really handy for google maps, and spotify love it....