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Microfibre Lens Cleaning Cloth Kit (Lensball Accessory)



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Product Description:

(The Ultimate Lensball Accessory)

Apply to clean lens, screen and camera body. Can also used to clean mobile phone screen, high grade glasses and other delicate surface. Microfiber lens cleaning cloth--Offering comprehensive cleaning maintenance for digital equipment's, such as lens, screen, Camera body, one cloth Apply for all cleaning. Adopting special craft processing microfiber, soft and mild to remove tiny dusts, stubborn stains and fingerprints, No scratching to optical component surface.



Anti-static property prevent dusts absorbing to influence cleaning effect laser cutting edge, no fiber drop make sure no secondary pollution. Notes: clean camera immediately after using can effectively remove dusts and other stains, also increase its using life. During the cleaning of CCD/CMOS or lens, please use New opened cleaning cloth. To avoid potential damage, Please blow the probably existed sands and other dusts away before using cleaning cloth.


Both sides of cleaning cloth can used to clean. And it can be reused after washing. But the washed cloth can only used to clean computer screen, mobile phone, glasses and other products. When washing This cloth, Please use liquid cleaner or softener. Do not use soap, washing powder and other solid detergent.

Product Features:

  • Adopting special ultra-micro fiber, super thin and soft to fit the cleaning of precision component
  • Professional optical grade Cloth lens cleaning cloths for camera Lens glasses screens all lens
  • Premium materials Microfiber cleaning cloths Apply to clean lens, screen and camera body
  • Can also used to clean mobile phone screen, high grade glasses and other delicate surface
  • Certificate: ISO9002, CCC, SGS, robs safe for all surfaces and lenses
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